aPRimage is an award winning, dynamic and progressive PR agency providing complex services in PR, marketing, internal/external communication and event management. Through overall experiences gained at well-known national and international companies, government bodies, local government and media, associated with the professional attitude, aPRimage can guarantee a high-quality and outstanding performance in all the fields of its activities: strategic planning, designing creative communication campaigns, unique websites, writing news releases and providing professional tailor-made guidance for those, who want to excel.

aPRimage Ltd. is member of the Slovakian-Austrian Chamber of Commerce.



  • Creativity

    Creativity is one of the greatest qualities any of us can be blessed with. Whether you prefer conservative or progressive communication – we are open to unusual, off-beat solutions by using the creativity and enthusiasm of our professionals and by monitoring and following recent trends in marketing and public relations.

  • Professionalism

    Dealing with the rigors of current situation in the business environment, innovative thinking and looking for new challenges and opportunities are determining companies’ existence and success. Thanks to our professional approach and progressive thinking we are able to fully support the strengthening of companies’ brand name, their effective communication with the external/internal environment, media, partners and customers.

  • Exclusivity

    We prefer to apply an individual approach to all our clients. Our projects fully reflect the conditions and needs of our customers in order to obtain the best possible results through our cooperation. Our motto is: “Every crisis is an opportunity, every risk is a chance and trust is a virtue”. We offer personalised guidance, expert counselling and our perfectionism.

  • Perspectivity

    A good reputation is more important than first impressions. Efficiency and success in business, or in the management activities of local governments, often depends on a positive reputation – or its absence. We believe that we can provide you a professional guide when building your reputation and corporate strategy.

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